Glen Yarbrough songs

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Ran across some songs by Glen Yarbrough recently and really loved his music.   I have 3 or 4 of his albums in my junk room but have not listened to them in many years.  I plan to find them unless I get lost in the room under piles of stuff.  Anyway I do want to find them and try to turn them into mp3s so I can play them on my computer and put them on cd’s.  My favorite is the album where Glen sings songs written by Rod McKuen.   I hope you enjoy these two songs I will share with you now.

Do you want to hear more from Glen Yarbrough?

Music From Dans Ramblings

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Old Favorite Singer

Here are several songs by an old favorite singer of mine.  I still have many records and tapes of his and also a number of digital songs.  He was a very special talent and the world is a sadder place without him.   Enjoy these songs and feel free to sing along (I do).

Here is probably Harry’s best known song so I will start with it.

Now I will include probably my second favorite song by Harry Chapin.

There are so many great songs but I will end with this one I think is very special.

I do hope you enjoy this selection of songs and I may revisit his music in the future.


My Boy Lollipop

Listening to music in my wifes car where she has the Satelite radio and heard a song I thought I knew but it was by a different singer.

Come to find out the song “My Boy Lollipop” by Millie Small (which I have on a 45) was not the original one.  It was done in the mid 50’s by (pardon me while I look it up again) Barbie Gaye.  Although I love both versions I have to default to Millie Small.   Which is your favorite?

60’s Carsongs

Back in the 60’s we went through a time where race car / hot rod songs were popular.   Even Robert Mitchum go into it with “Thunder Road” a song that I love and would never turn off.  I will start off this post with that song and then who knows.

Now on to a couple more hot rod songs from that era.


Song Remakes

I am thinking about my last post compairing Johnny and Roseannes version of the Tenneessee Flat Top Box.    Both versions are great.    Now that has lead me to think aout another remake that I have loved over the years.

Roy Orbison had the Blue Bayou and it is a great song.   There is another remake of that song that is also great but not quite as good as Roy’s version.   That remake is Linda Ronstadts version of the song which is terriffic also.   So again I will see if I can find and include both versions for your listening pleasure.


Music – Johnny or Roseanne

Normally when listening to music I always like the original version of a song the best.   With that said I need to modify that way of thinking.    I just listened to Johnny Cash singing “Tennessee Flat Top Box” and love that song;  but I also have a version of that song by Roseanne Cash and I love her version of the song – she does a wonderful job with that song.

I will now attempt to put both versions here in the blog post for your enjoyment:


Does God Have A Sense Of Humor

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Another short post. I believe that God does have a sense of humor, how else can you explain zebras? And there is this: God gave me a love of music of all kinds and there is very little that I don’t listen to (there are exceptions and they are Rap music and Opera); I love music that I find on YouTube that is older than I am and a lot of music by folks that I have never heard of. (the other shoe dropping) however God did not give me any talent to play an instrument or to sing – yep my singing voice is terrible but I still sing if the right song is playing (Under the Boardwalk by the Drifters is one of them).



You Tube Music, Jeff Bridges

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A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on songs by Jeff Bridges I had never heard.   Now I know I am an old fart BUT  I urge everyone to give them a listen – I have been listening to them almost everyday for a week or so and they are GREAT!

I will try to link to one of them here (be patient).

Nat King Cole Trio

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Although I love everything that Nat King Cole does this one I feel is truly exceptional.   I have listened to this one a couple times this morning already.

Enjoy! ! !

Oldies Music

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I have listened to the Oldies music radio stations for many many many years now and have enjoyed them for the most part.  BUT I have noticed that they tend to only play the biggest hits and they get recycled over and over it seems.  There is a big part of my fondest memories that I spent listening to and singing the songs that never cracked the top 10.  These songs go into the makeup of memories from my past.