Devotional from The Upper Room

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Today’s Devotional

I am “Omo Ogbomoso” — a child of Ogbomoso — born in a mission guest house in Nigeria. My family left my childhood home when I was twelve, and I thought I was never to return. Imagine my joy when the opportunity to visit presented itself nearly 40 years later.

When I visited, the house I grew up in was still there, and I introduced myself to the Nigerians who lived there. They invited me inside. How awesome to go through the house, looking at rooms where I used to play!

There’s a phrase that describes people like me: Third Culture Kids (TCK). To us, the term “home” gets confusing. Is home America? Or is it Africa? Or is it a mixture? Home is Arkansas, Mom’s home, where we lived when furloughed from the mission field. Home is also Missouri, where I visited Dad’s parents, and Texas, where I’ve lived most of my adult life. And home is also a city half a world away in Nigeria.

Today’s reading explains that all believers are TCKs; we are all searching for our home — our heavenly one. Imagine our joy when we finally reach it and are united with Christ.