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You Tube Music, Jeff Bridges

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A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on songs by Jeff Bridges I had never heard.   Now I know I am an old fart BUT  I urge everyone to give them a listen – I have been listening to them almost everyday for a week or so and they are GREAT!

I will try to link to one of them here (be patient).

Internet, Computer Thoughts

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After using Firefox as my main web browser for a long time  all of a sudden it developed a problem I couldn’t overcome.   After using it for a while all of a sudden everything slowed down or stopped and I then got a message that a script was not responding.    So After enduring this for a time I decided to see what other web browsers were out there to use.

I tried the windows browser Edge and it seemed ok but I wasn’t overly fond of it so I have tried many other browsers:






Comodo Dragon



I have finally started using “Opera” much more than the rest, so I think this will become my goto browser from now on.   Vivaldi isn’t bad but there is one website it doesn’t display properly and it gets on my nerves.

I also have tried many of the free E-Mail clients and always come back to Thunderbird;  it is so versatile in that you can customize it to your needs.  I still look around now and again but for now Thunderbird is my E-Mail client.



Sweet Old Fashioned Girl

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This song from YouTube is a great one to listen to and enjoy.  Just a bit before my time but I love it.   You can tap your fingers and sway to this one and even sing along with it – things you can’t do to todays music. . . . . yes, I am an old fart.

Today’s Church

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Yes,  I am going to start whining again.   I do miss the old hymns and wish they would sing them once in a while.   I am getting somewhat used to the new music and the guitars and  things but I look around sometimes and none of the congregation is singing along with the new music;  I always thought that the hymns were interactive and it was good that the congregation sang along with the music;  I sing along with the words on the screen but it just isn’t the same.

I liked the old churches like the one I grew up in that had a pulpit that the minister stood at while giving the sermon.  In todays church the minister just wanders around with the wireless mic they use.   Yep, the wireless mic  actually is good as everyone can hear better no matter how close they sit.

The minister used to wear a robe or a collar or something so everyone would know he was the minister and being neat and formal is kind of nice.

With all of that said here is a short video I just found that I think all of us old whiners should watch or listen to: