Valentines Day Anniversary

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This year we celebrate our 49th anniversary.  We met at a dance place off base in Plattsburgh New York;  Brodies had a great band called the Franklin Brothers and we spent a lot of time there.  And here we are all these years later still together,  still in love.  Here is my annual Valentine Anniversary poem to Dot.

Dan and Dot on our 49th Anniversary

We walked down lovers lane

We laughed and danced in the rain

Our life had been a song

New verses are constantly

being written

Sometimes I lead and

sometimes I follow;

Sometimes we walk side by side.

We’ve looked at life

Through a filter of love.

Let our hearts contine to

dance together

As the music weaves the

sweetness of live

Into our every happy future.

There is no grey area

Love sustains us and makes us stronger.


Life started when we met;

That night at Brodie’s I can’t forget.

Listening and dancing

To the music of the Franklin Brothers

That’s when we fell in love with each other.

All became right with

The world, with life

The day you became my wife.

As long as we are joined by the heart

There is no way we will part.


Thoughts on Abortion

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Lately I have the pleasure of holding my great grand daughter Jane and looking at how perfect and beautiful she is.   She was born a little over 2 months premature at 3 pounds.   Now she is over 10 pounds and I love love love her.   It makes me mad and angry that our NY lawmakers want to allow abortions at full term.  These are children and this is murder.

Plus what is the next step since we know that these sick activists are never happy and once they have one thing they automatically start thinking of what they want to do next and then the next step and the next step etc.



Music From Dans Ramblings

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Old Favorite Singer

Here are several songs by an old favorite singer of mine.  I still have many records and tapes of his and also a number of digital songs.  He was a very special talent and the world is a sadder place without him.   Enjoy these songs and feel free to sing along (I do).

Here is probably Harry’s best known song so I will start with it.

Now I will include probably my second favorite song by Harry Chapin.

There are so many great songs but I will end with this one I think is very special.

I do hope you enjoy this selection of songs and I may revisit his music in the future.


My Boy Lollipop

Listening to music in my wifes car where she has the Satelite radio and heard a song I thought I knew but it was by a different singer.

Come to find out the song “My Boy Lollipop” by Millie Small (which I have on a 45) was not the original one.  It was done in the mid 50’s by (pardon me while I look it up again) Barbie Gaye.  Although I love both versions I have to default to Millie Small.   Which is your favorite?

60’s Carsongs

Back in the 60’s we went through a time where race car / hot rod songs were popular.   Even Robert Mitchum go into it with “Thunder Road” a song that I love and would never turn off.  I will start off this post with that song and then who knows.

Now on to a couple more hot rod songs from that era.


Song Remakes

I am thinking about my last post compairing Johnny and Roseannes version of the Tenneessee Flat Top Box.    Both versions are great.    Now that has lead me to think aout another remake that I have loved over the years.

Roy Orbison had the Blue Bayou and it is a great song.   There is another remake of that song that is also great but not quite as good as Roy’s version.   That remake is Linda Ronstadts version of the song which is terriffic also.   So again I will see if I can find and include both versions for your listening pleasure.


Music – Johnny or Roseanne

Normally when listening to music I always like the original version of a song the best.   With that said I need to modify that way of thinking.    I just listened to Johnny Cash singing “Tennessee Flat Top Box” and love that song;  but I also have a version of that song by Roseanne Cash and I love her version of the song – she does a wonderful job with that song.

I will now attempt to put both versions here in the blog post for your enjoyment:


Blog re-design

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I have had 4 blogs for quite a while now but have decided to combine them into one.

My 4 blogs currently are 1. Christian blog; 2. Political (pro conservative) 3. one that used to be political also but I have turned it into a music blog and 4. The other me for miscellaneous and personal stuff.  I have decided to combine them into the one Blog “The Other Me” but not to copy all of the content over except maybe I might copy some of the Music Stuff over.  Afer all of that I might pay to upgrade the one blog whereas upgrading 4 blogs would be too costly.    When I am satisfied the other 3 blogs will be deleted (I think).

For now all of my  new posts will be on this one blog.

Devotional From BayHope Church in Tampa FL

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My sister sent me the link to this current series from her church and I have been listening and reading it everyday.    This one I think is particularly good so I encourage everyone to give it a read.

Read Luke 11:24-28 and 11:33-36.

Devotion by: Tyler Fukutani
Incomplete Repentance

God has given every one of us two things: a special gift unique to us and a mission. The mission is that we must spread God’s love and Word through our actions. As James says in James 2:14, “What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions?” God doesn’t want us just to say we have faith in Him and that we’ve been given special gifts. He wants us to use our gifts to help spread the love and light of God to those around us.

For example, God has gifted me with an extraordinary amount of compassion towards those in need. This spiritual gift would be useless to me and an affront to God if I just sat around doing nothing. It would be even worse to blatantly ignore someone who needs my help just because I didn’t feel up to it at the moment. Instead, God wants me to use my compassion to help those in need to give them a glimpse of how much God loves them.

TV Shows – 2018

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Being a fan of Crime shows I was anxiously waiting to see the new show “FBI”.
After watching two episodes I have decided to take it OFF my viewing list. They have put in so much Liberal nonsense I just can’t take it . . . so it is just off my list.

All of the NCIS’s and Criminal MInds are still high on my list of watching pleasure. However NCIS New Orleans is constantly changing some characters and does’t seem to know what it wants to be so while I still watch it it is not on firm ground for me.

A show my wife watches “Station 19” just hasn’t caught my fancy so while I watch it with my wife it isn’t on my “Like” list.

Situation Comedys: A couple I watched so far that I like and will continue watching is “The Cool Kids” – it far exceeded my expectations and I got a few really good laughs out of it. Also one called “The Neighborhood” was really great and it is a show I will definately watch – there was a lot of laugh out loud moments. However even though it is not a new show I still think that “The Big Bang Theory” is tops.

Now I was waiting for the new “Last Man Standing” and have watched two of them and I am so disappointed that they have made a lot of wholesale changes. I know that the lady who played the original Mandy didn’t want to continue so I can see that change. But thy cleaned up Kyle and put him in an office and killed off Tim Allens father. And with the youngest daughter away at the Air Force Accademy we also don’t get her biting sarcastic humor that I loved. It just isn’t close to the same and although I will continue to watch it it won’t be so high on my list. . . . we’ll see.

From Townhall – Liberal Elites Are Even Ruining Hamburgers

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Saw a link to this article in my E-Mail this morning and had to share it with everyone.  It may sound silly at first but read it and you will see the many truths in it.   So without further ado here it is.

Liberal Elites Are Even Ruining Hamburgers And They Must Be Stopped

Kurt  Schlichter
Posted: Sep 20, 2018 12:01 AM

Liberals can’t be happy with simply ruining the lives of decent conservatives for cheap political gain. They have to ruin hamburgers, too.

The burger is the ultimate Normal food, and horrible liberal elitists are trying to screw it up with lame alternative burgers because they are terrible.

Let me be clear, to quote an awful ex-president: Nothing I write here is open to debate. I’m turning the epistemic closure thing back on the libs. It is impossible to disagree with my ground beef rantings, and if you do, you are racist, sexist, and a burgerphobic cisdinner hate criminal of hatred.

Let’s clarify something else. Hamburgers are the King of American Casual Food. You can eat it in a bar, you can eat it in a car. Just don’t eat it in some trendy coastal eatery because they’ll screw it all up and you’ll end up dreaming of a Big Mac.

Sloppy Joes are gross. They are burgers’ ne’er-do-well little brother, 35 and living in the basement nursing emotional damage because mom liked burgers better. And who wouldn’t? Sloppy Joes are orangey muck plopped onto a bun. They provide none of the firm but juicy consistency, or the satisfying interplay of extras and condiments, that make the burger nature’s perfect food. They are mere goo and are unworthy of a proud and free people.

Naturally, artisanal Sloppy Joes are probably about to become a thing.

Hot dogs are likewise terrible – what the hell is a hot dog anyway? With their troubling shape, unnatural smoothness, and nauseating consistency, the hot dog is a mutant entrée, a devolved sausage without flavor or purpose. You have to waste perfectly good chili – chili that should be in a bowl topped with sour cream in a just universe – just to make a hot dog taste like something.

Even the name is unappetizing, unless you are Obama. My kid says hot dogs are really tacos because of the bread V, and he makes a good point. Except tacos are tasty and hot dogs are awful.

Eat a burger, like a man, damnit. And don’t be a Fredocon and whine about how the bun has gluten.

Millennial elitist dorks are all about screwing up burgers. “Gourmet” burgers, they call them. But they are a sad simulacrum of true burgers, and a crime against nature. The menus of those precious gastropubs that spring up in the gentrified blue coastal urban centers are loaded with “specialty burgers” with cutesy names and inane combinations of ingredients. It’s sad. Unable to create anything of value, these goateed hipster monsters can only pervert and deform that which is pure and beautiful. A burger is simple goodness. And, as they do with everything else, liberals screw them up.

A burger requires, at the threshold, good meat. There lies the first problem. This meat must come from a cow. But many of these dorks will try to create a sort of patty from something else, like (shiver) vegan pea protein. Note that peas are terrible, and only by putting them on a burger in place of a beef patty can these offensive soft green nuts be made worse.

But the elite can even screw up meat. Somewhere along the line, maybe when the waygu craze started, they decided that soft, tasteless beef with the consistency of wet newspaper was the bomb. You get an $18 burger (I live in LA – air costs $1 a breath) with this fancy meat, and it’s like mush. Why is it so hard to make “good meat” actually good?

But it’s artisanal, which means overpriced and bad. “Oh, the cow was grass fed and massaged and hugged and it’s favorite band was Styx,” they’ll say, like I want to be friends with the damn Dinner Horse. I want to eat it, and I want it to taste like beef. But fancy elitist liberal beef doesn’t taste like beef. It tastes like ruined dreams and the Deep Thoughts of Kamala Harris.

Beef. Normal beef. You can fry it on the grill or cook it over a flame – see, I totally embrace diversity – but it can’t be some weird mushpatty. Not if you want a burger instead of some pathetic charade on a bun.

The bun. I’m open minded. You can do the traditional sesame seed style, or a potato roll. If you want to get kinky, throw it on rye for a patty melt. I will even accept a ciabatta in some cases. But a pretzel bun? What the hell is that?

Stop doing horrible things just to try to freak out the squares.

Cheese. Some of you eat burgers without cheese for reasons I cannot fathom. This is wrong and you are wrong. But worse than putting no cheese on your burger is putting the wrong cheese on your burger, thereby making it a wrong burger.

American cheese is the quintessential burger cheese, and the name probably explains why liberals hate it. Cheddar is acceptable. Bleu cheese? That’s borderline – sure, I’ve tried it, but who hasn’t gone through an experimental phase?

Swiss? Gross. Provolone? What’s wrong with you? Gruyere? Now you’re just screwing with us.

Things to put on burgers break down into condiments and other stuff. Optional condiments include mustard and mayonnaise. Not Miracle Whip. I am not even sure what that is. Also, no Sriracha, no guacamole, no BBQ sauce. Mandatory condiments are ketchup and more ketchup. One of a hamburger’s key roles is to serve as a ketchup delivery system. There’s this one trendy place in LA that will remain nameless and patronless that serves this weird tomato fruit roll-up it calls a “ketchup leather.” They got the leather part right. The burger, which hipster doofuses rave about, tastes like an old shoe.

Special sauce aka thousand island dressing aka ketchup + mayonnaise is an acceptable alternative to ketchup. Note that “ketchup” does not include “catsup” or grody Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s “organic” ketchup. The only good ketchup is mass-produced stuff you buy in a regular supermarket where they don’t sell kale.

Other stuff. Bacon? Not my scene but I won’t judge. Lettuce? Eh? Take it or leave it. Tomatoes? Yes. Pickles? Yes. Onions? Yes, grilled, fresh, or – if you are awesome – both. But nothing weird. No “tomato jam” or “onion chow-chow.”

It’s not hard. Don’t be weird for the sake of being weird and you’ll have a decent burger. Start messing with something that works and you get Obamacare.

Look. They’ve taken Hollywood. They’ve taken the media. They’ve taken the college campuses. And they’ve messed them all up. We can’t give up burgers, too.

My upcoming book Militant Normals: How Regular Americans Are Rebelling Against the Elite to Reclaim Our Democracy  contains no burger recipes, because normal people don’t need burger recipes. Normals take meat, throw it on a grill, put it on a bun, put some stuff on it, and eat it like the heroes they are.

And liberals? They screw up everything they touch. The arts. Academia. Dinner.

So, confirm your normality by rejecting burger mutations. And confirm Kavanaugh, too.