You Tube Music, Jeff Bridges

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A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on songs by Jeff Bridges I had never heard.   Now I know I am an old fart BUT  I urge everyone to give them a listen – I have been listening to them almost everyday for a week or so and they are GREAT!

I will try to link to one of them here (be patient).


Sweet Old Fashioned Girl

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This song from YouTube is a great one to listen to and enjoy.  Just a bit before my time but I love it.   You can tap your fingers and sway to this one and even sing along with it – things you can’t do to todays music. . . . . yes, I am an old fart.

Nat King Cole Trio

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Although I love everything that Nat King Cole does this one I feel is truly exceptional.   I have listened to this one a couple times this morning already.

Enjoy! ! !