Valentines Day Anniversary

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This year we celebrate our 49th anniversary.  We met at a dance place off base in Plattsburgh New York;  Brodies had a great band called the Franklin Brothers and we spent a lot of time there.  And here we are all these years later still together,  still in love.  Here is my annual Valentine Anniversary poem to Dot.

Dan and Dot on our 49th Anniversary

We walked down lovers lane

We laughed and danced in the rain

Our life had been a song

New verses are constantly

being written

Sometimes I lead and

sometimes I follow;

Sometimes we walk side by side.

We’ve looked at life

Through a filter of love.

Let our hearts contine to

dance together

As the music weaves the

sweetness of live

Into our every happy future.

There is no grey area

Love sustains us and makes us stronger.


Life started when we met;

That night at Brodie’s I can’t forget.

Listening and dancing

To the music of the Franklin Brothers

That’s when we fell in love with each other.

All became right with

The world, with life

The day you became my wife.

As long as we are joined by the heart

There is no way we will part.


Thoughts on Abortion

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Lately I have the pleasure of holding my great grand daughter Jane and looking at how perfect and beautiful she is.   She was born a little over 2 months premature at 3 pounds.   Now she is over 10 pounds and I love love love her.   It makes me mad and angry that our NY lawmakers want to allow abortions at full term.  These are children and this is murder.

Plus what is the next step since we know that these sick activists are never happy and once they have one thing they automatically start thinking of what they want to do next and then the next step and the next step etc.



Devotional From BayHope Church in Tampa FL

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My sister sent me the link to this current series from her church and I have been listening and reading it everyday.    This one I think is particularly good so I encourage everyone to give it a read.

Read Luke 11:24-28 and 11:33-36.

Devotion by: Tyler Fukutani
Incomplete Repentance

God has given every one of us two things: a special gift unique to us and a mission. The mission is that we must spread God’s love and Word through our actions. As James says in James 2:14, “What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions?” God doesn’t want us just to say we have faith in Him and that we’ve been given special gifts. He wants us to use our gifts to help spread the love and light of God to those around us.

For example, God has gifted me with an extraordinary amount of compassion towards those in need. This spiritual gift would be useless to me and an affront to God if I just sat around doing nothing. It would be even worse to blatantly ignore someone who needs my help just because I didn’t feel up to it at the moment. Instead, God wants me to use my compassion to help those in need to give them a glimpse of how much God loves them.

TV Shows – 2018

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Being a fan of Crime shows I was anxiously waiting to see the new show “FBI”.
After watching two episodes I have decided to take it OFF my viewing list. They have put in so much Liberal nonsense I just can’t take it . . . so it is just off my list.

All of the NCIS’s and Criminal MInds are still high on my list of watching pleasure. However NCIS New Orleans is constantly changing some characters and does’t seem to know what it wants to be so while I still watch it it is not on firm ground for me.

A show my wife watches “Station 19” just hasn’t caught my fancy so while I watch it with my wife it isn’t on my “Like” list.

Situation Comedys: A couple I watched so far that I like and will continue watching is “The Cool Kids” – it far exceeded my expectations and I got a few really good laughs out of it. Also one called “The Neighborhood” was really great and it is a show I will definately watch – there was a lot of laugh out loud moments. However even though it is not a new show I still think that “The Big Bang Theory” is tops.

Now I was waiting for the new “Last Man Standing” and have watched two of them and I am so disappointed that they have made a lot of wholesale changes. I know that the lady who played the original Mandy didn’t want to continue so I can see that change. But thy cleaned up Kyle and put him in an office and killed off Tim Allens father. And with the youngest daughter away at the Air Force Accademy we also don’t get her biting sarcastic humor that I loved. It just isn’t close to the same and although I will continue to watch it it won’t be so high on my list. . . . we’ll see.

School Shooting

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I almost hate to rehash the whold school shooting debate but. . .

I will start this off by saying that I do not own a gun but I do not buy into the whole ban gun thing that so many liberals are emotionally buying into.   I believe that what we have is a problem with a lack of morality and yes I do blame the whole thing of the liberalization of our country.   The whole “sex, drugs and rock n roll” thing if taking it’s toll on our country.   Too many people are screaming and protesting the latest craze without actually putting any thought into it.

When I grew up we could go out and buy guns and ammo freely without any waiting period or whatever.   No gun laws to speak of and yes I had several guns growing up a .22 and a shotgun.   And guess what?   We did not have any school shootings we did not go out and kill people.

There has always been a few violent people and many of them were able to surpress that urge with help from Religion, Church and the Bible.  But our society has rejected religion and the Bible and it is no longer used as our moral compass.

And as usual this is turning into another violent person almost being excused for his acts because he may have been bullied while in school.  Again there have always been bullys and there always were.  But in times gone by the people being bullied just went on with their lives after a bit of cussing and complaining.  As a person who has been overweight all his life I know a thing or two about this but I shook it off and have had a wonderful life;  perhaps church played a role in this?

Until we start addressing the lack of morality in the country this kind of violent stuff will not only keep happening it will escalate.





House by the Side of the Road

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Beautiful poem by Sam Walter Foss.  It was my dads favorite poem and also one of mine.   “I want to live in a house by the side of the road and be a friend to man”

Humor – Lighten Up

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Healthy Tourism

Mr. Peterson, a tourist from Toronto, arrived in Israel.

In an airport taxi cab, Peterson asked the driver, “Say, is this really a healthful place?”

“It sure is,” the cabby replied. “When I came here I couldn’t say one word. I had hardly any hair on my head. I didn’t have the strength to walk across a room, and I had to be lifted out of bed.”

“That’s wonderful!” said the tourist, “How long have you been here?”

“I was born here.”