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After using Firefox as my main web browser for a long time  all of a sudden it developed a problem I couldn’t overcome.   After using it for a while all of a sudden everything slowed down or stopped and I then got a message that a script was not responding.    So After enduring this for a time I decided to see what other web browsers were out there to use.

I tried the windows browser Edge and it seemed ok but I wasn’t overly fond of it so I have tried many other browsers:






Comodo Dragon



I have finally started using “Opera” much more than the rest, so I think this will become my goto browser from now on.   Vivaldi isn’t bad but there is one website it doesn’t display properly and it gets on my nerves.

I also have tried many of the free E-Mail clients and always come back to Thunderbird;  it is so versatile in that you can customize it to your needs.  I still look around now and again but for now Thunderbird is my E-Mail client.