Abortion – I Am Angry and Disturbed

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Whenever my Great Grandkids come over and I get to hold the baby and play with the 4 year old I am in heaven.  Baby Jane was born last October and was just over 2 months premature.   When I look at her she is so beautiful and perfect it makes me wonder what kind of evil thinking is taking over this world that would abort babys up until birth.

Now that there is a growing anti-aborion sentiment going across the country with many states severely limiting abortions the feminists and crying that their rights are being taken away;    well I think that they did it to themselves by pushing the envelope to the point it is now – they are never happy.  And when the push back started it gained speed because of the folks wanting to abort babies up until the moment of birth and beyond.

You can’t kill babies and still be a Christian.


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I recently wore my MAGA hat out while we were shopping.   I was a little afraid  because of all the publicity I see around the hat making people mad and angry.   However I found that where we live that didn’t happen the only response I got was that several people said they loved the hat.

I also this week wore a hat that said U.S. Air Force Veteran and about 5 people came up to thank me for my service – a very positive experience.

So at least in my area (Waterford, NY) the MAGA hat doesn’t strike fear and anger into people.   I may try it again but not this week.


Left Vs Liberal

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Thought I would share this from Dennis Prager.    In this crazy world I never thought that there was a difference in these two ways of thinking (or not thinking).  I guess all groups have an extemeist element.   However the Democrats have always had a way of shutting down those in their party who were not in that extreme group so we have become accustomed to thinking that all Democrats were extreme.

This is a short video and is easy to follow.

I Am So Afraid

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This past year I realized that my country and the world it is in is hitting rock bottom of the morality scale.   The violence and anger and screaming and protests so that people don’t have to hear anyone with an opinion that differs from theirs.   And not to forget this latest assault on our humanity:   Abortion up until the moment of birth and the House not passing a bill to give aid to those children who are born alive during an abortion.     Out country has become evil and needs to have a big religious revival.   I myself don’t go to church like I once did so I am part of the problem.

I think that electing Trump was a big step in the right direction but there are so many people that vote for the candidates that are from the party of evil – the party that booed God – the party that voted for late term abortion.

On a personal level other than voting I don’t know what I as an individual can do to help our nation.

Thoughts on Abortion

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Lately I have the pleasure of holding my great grand daughter Jane and looking at how perfect and beautiful she is.   She was born a little over 2 months premature at 3 pounds.   Now she is over 10 pounds and I love love love her.   It makes me mad and angry that our NY lawmakers want to allow abortions at full term.  These are children and this is murder.

Plus what is the next step since we know that these sick activists are never happy and once they have one thing they automatically start thinking of what they want to do next and then the next step and the next step etc.



Blog re-design

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I have had 4 blogs for quite a while now but have decided to combine them into one.

My 4 blogs currently are 1. Christian blog; 2. Political (pro conservative) 3. one that used to be political also but I have turned it into a music blog and 4. The other me for miscellaneous and personal stuff.  I have decided to combine them into the one Blog “The Other Me” but not to copy all of the content over except maybe I might copy some of the Music Stuff over.  Afer all of that I might pay to upgrade the one blog whereas upgrading 4 blogs would be too costly.    When I am satisfied the other 3 blogs will be deleted (I think).

For now all of my  new posts will be on this one blog.