Month: October 2018

TV Shows – 2018

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Being a fan of Crime shows I was anxiously waiting to see the new show “FBI”.
After watching two episodes I have decided to take it OFF my viewing list. They have put in so much Liberal nonsense I just can’t take it . . . so it is just off my list.

All of the NCIS’s and Criminal MInds are still high on my list of watching pleasure. However NCIS New Orleans is constantly changing some characters and does’t seem to know what it wants to be so while I still watch it it is not on firm ground for me.

A show my wife watches “Station 19” just hasn’t caught my fancy so while I watch it with my wife it isn’t on my “Like” list.

Situation Comedys: A couple I watched so far that I like and will continue watching is “The Cool Kids” – it far exceeded my expectations and I got a few really good laughs out of it. Also one called “The Neighborhood” was really great and it is a show I will definately watch – there was a lot of laugh out loud moments. However even though it is not a new show I still think that “The Big Bang Theory” is tops.

Now I was waiting for the new “Last Man Standing” and have watched two of them and I am so disappointed that they have made a lot of wholesale changes. I know that the lady who played the original Mandy didn’t want to continue so I can see that change. But thy cleaned up Kyle and put him in an office and killed off Tim Allens father. And with the youngest daughter away at the Air Force Accademy we also don’t get her biting sarcastic humor that I loved. It just isn’t close to the same and although I will continue to watch it it won’t be so high on my list. . . . we’ll see.