Month: August 2017

Statues and Monuments – History

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I am sick of our country allowing the small groups of violent thugs  to destroy our history . . . our past.   If folks want to take down these monuments to our past and take away our pride in who we were and a marker to how much we have evolved – then I tell them they can ship them to me and I will display them on my property and take care of them the best I can.  If people think they can live their lives and not see or hear things that offend them they are not in the real world;  besides I don’t think it is about that anyway as this is just small groups of violent thugs seeing how far they can go pushing the rest of us around and if our leaders don’t start taking a stand then we will reach the point of no return.

Old Vs. New

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Recently I got out my old 7inch reel to reel tape deck and after a while I got it to working and have been listening to it off and on for a month or so now.  I like the look and feel of it and the sound is great but I have noticed a few inconveniences of using it versus playing a CD or MP3 on the computer.

Right away I noticed a couple of things about the old technology that is not as convenient as the CD’s or MP3’s.    You can’t just hit one button to advance or go back a song or to replay a song over.  You have to put it on fast rewind and fast forward and then stop it to see where you are and then go through the process over until you happen to stop it in the right place for you.    Plus when the side of the tape is over you have to turn it over and re-thread it and connect it to the take up reel.


From Facebook – Pastor Duke

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Duke Hergatt

It seems to me nobody owns Trump. Maybe that’s why he is so despised. What big money can’t control it will destroy. The deep state is very deep indeed. Follow the money is a great tool understand who really is in power. Find those in power and learn their agenda. Read the Bible and you’ll see it was all laid out from the ancient days. Give your heart to Jesus and rejoice in His soon return. So ..I guess I am now criminal for my faith.