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Facebook Wisdom from Pastor Duke

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Duke Hergatt

Yesterday at 7:18am · Halfmoon, NY ·

Reading the fall if Jerusalem under Nebuchadnezzar where the siege began in 605 BC and the final fall in 586 BC when the Temple came down along with the walls of the city. All the glory was gone. The warnings from all the prophets unheeded. But their Holy God kept the promise of judgement when He preferred the promises of blessing for obedience.
I think of the glory of our country is mostly gone now. The siege began a good while ago. And saddest of all it’s our own corruption from within that is destroying us. Our people are divided. Our media fans the flame of division. We have over spent, over taxed, over sexed and over indulged. As God rose up evil enemies to pressure His people to repentance so we have evil enemies all around now called radical Islamic terrorist. Our fall is looming and the New World order is in place and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

We Are Thankful For

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Some comments from folks in our Weslyan Community facebook page.

In this season of Thanksgiving, let us be reminded to be thankful in all things.
After watching the video, share at least one thing that you are thankful for and why.

1. One thing? Very hard to choose 1 thing. I am thankful for our Wesleyan community that has helped me grow closer to God and become a better me.

2. I am thankful for being able to have our Bible … to know right from wrong … and believe in the three in one . I know you said one … but ….

3. I am thankful for this reminder to be patient and know that it will happen in God’s timing and according to His plan….

4. First and foremost I am thankful for God’s patience with me and his cotinuing support even during those periods when I was of a failing faith instead of a growing faith.

5. I am thankful for God’s word to live by

6. This is a wonderful reminder how God is always with us even when we have pushed Him way. I am thankful God loves us and stands with u always and when I remember this I am able to mov forward once again praising, thanking and loving my Heavenly Father

7. There truly are so many things to be thankful for in our lives. Knowing true forgiveness, Heaven is my home, health and family are four off the top of my head. Too often it is easy to look at all that isn’t right around us and focus on that. To talk about what you are thankful for promotes grateful living! To take it one step further consider grabbing a sheet of paper (or 2) and start to list your blessings one by one, you will be amazed how profoundly God has blessed you. Then post it on the fridge or at work as a continual reminder of His great love for you.

8.  I am thankful everyday for Jesus listening and answering my prayers. God is faithful !!!!

9. This year we are thankful for God leading us to Waterford Wesleyan. From day one, the people have been warm and friendly, the worship music is great and the Message is powerful and timely. Thank you Jesus!!!

A Few Items From My Bucket List – 1

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  1. Getting thrown to the ground and hand cuffed by JJ on Criminal Minds.

  2. Getting checked into the glass by a tough mean hockey player.

  3. Learn to speed read in Scandanavian

  4. Learn to spell Scandinavian

  5. Sing Karaoke in a gay bar wearing a Japanese kimona.

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The Rise of the Special Snowflake

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By Judson Phillips at

The rise of the special snowflake

November 12, 2015 — 1 Comment

The special snowflakes are among us.  They are the new millennial generation that is in college or graduated in the last few years.  Why are they so special?

Unlike most real Americans, they have to be coddled.  Before they are confronted with anything, they need “trigger warnings.” If the trigger is too great, they must have “safe spaces” where they are not confronted with any idea they don’t like.  The fear “microagressions” and embrace the tyranny of collectivism.

It is time something is done about the circumstances that create these “special snowflakes.”  What can be done about the insanity

currently reigning on college campuses?

A revolution is required and it starts at the state level.  States have tremendous control over state universities.  It starts with the legislature.  Voters need to go to their state legislators and demand they change the way colleges operate.

Colleges and universities do not operate in the free market. They rely on endowments, tuition and state subsidies.  It is time for the legislatures to cut off funds until Universities start making changes.

Too many universities have faculty members who teach freak show classes for freak show degrees.  These degrees are totally useless in the real world.  Why do universities even offer classes such as “Feminist critique of 50 shades of grey.”   State supported Universities should be forced into a market based model.  Departments that do not generate enough revenue through tuition should be closed.

Professors should be required to offer classes that generate enough revenue to cover the cost of the professor’s salary plus the additional costs of the buildings and support staff.  A class on “Homoerotic literature” is not going to do that.  Intro to Business or Engineering principles will have no problem meeting their funding requirements.

The other reform that needs to be made is at the federal level.  Guaranteed student loans need to be abolished.  They are the ultimate in crony capitalism.  Banks are guaranteed either the loans are paid back or the government covers the loss.

Even without the guarantee, banks would still offer student loans. But they would offer loans, provided the students showed a plan to repay the loans.  It would eliminate the phenomena of students graduating with debt of $100,000 and a useless degree in feminist studies.

Cutting off the guaranteed student loans would eliminate the endless funding of left wing universities and the practice of universities hiring far left wing hacks, like the University of Missouri’s infamous Melissa Click, for jobs that simply give them a subsidy for activism.

America’s universities are no longer centers for higher education.  They are factories that produce indoctrinated, whining, entitled brats.  Professorships are now little more than sinecures for leftwing activists.

Real Americans are tired of the spectacles such as happened this past week at the University of Missouri.  Even more than being tired of the embarrassing excesses, Americans are tired of paying the bills for these leftwing clowns.

It is time to demand change now.

Twitter Wisdom Nov 9th

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Church Curmudgeon@ChrchCurmudgeon4 Jul

You can still evangelize people you don’t like. Just invite them to the church that you left.


Charlie Daniels@CharlieDaniels10m

Just going along for the ride is usually a really bad idea. Let’s all make the day count.


Faithful Earth@FaithfulEarth1h

Leo Buscaglia – If People are Unkind to you, Have the COURAGE to Love them Anyway !


Church Curmudgeon@ChrchCurmudgeon Aug 24

Pastor is praying that the worship band would leave and an organist would show up. He has to. I put it on the prayer card.


Little Things

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When I was going overseas in 1967 a relative on my Moms (he was a minister) gave me a copy of a pocket new testament bible.  I am not saying that I always read it a lot – but I kept it with me wherever I was;  it traveled to Colorado, Orlando, Thailand and Plattsburgh to name a few of the places.   Once in a while I would pick it up and open it and read a few passages.   The important thing is that I kept it with me and little did I know it was always somewhere in the back of my mind and working on me from the inside out.  I still pull it out to this day once in a while.   The bottom line is that these “little things” that folks used to do have a profound effect on everyone they touch, maybe not immediately but it is inside them working on them. 

It seems today that churches and church people don’t do the “little things” because they are looking for some huge flashy ministry so they can save the world all in one fell swoop.   I submit to you that a person can touch more people in their lifetime by just doing those little loving things to everyone they meet than all of the flashy ministries they can get involved in.

Political Polls

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Polls are very confusing and can easily mislead everyone.  As I scroll through the various polls on the internet I find that Trump is leading by a greater margin and his fan base is growing;  however I also find that he is now behind Ben Carson and Cruz is gaining ground.   Is he ahead?  Or is he falling behind?   Turns out that polls are like statistics – to be manipulated to support what you want to believe.   Like the media we must start start ignoring them and actually just go with what we think without being influenced by them.