Donald Trump on Sean Hannity

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From Sean Hannity daily email,  August 7, 2015

Trump on 3rd Party Pledge: Why Should I Give Up Leverage?
Sean spoke with Donald Trump after last night’s first GOP presidential debate and asked the frontrunner why he declined to support the eventual GOP nominee.
Trump explained that he refused to take the pledge to not run as a third-party candidate because he didn’t want to give up his leverage with the Republican Party.
“If they don’t treat me well, Sean, why should I make that pledge?” Trump asked. “At this moment, it’s great leverage, and I might as well use it.”
“I just want to be treated well and treated with respect.”
Trump also took issue with the Fox News moderators. “These people (Fox News moderators) were not so nice to me, as far as I’m concerned,” he said. The Republican frontrunner then took a jab at moderator Megyn Kelly.
“[T]he question from Megyn. It was not a nice question to start off with,” he said.
To watch Sean’s entire post-debate interview with Donald Trump please click here.


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